Marcia Borland Meadows

January 1943
March 2023


Marcia (Marky) will be remembered by friends and family for her wry humor, her hard work, and her devotion to her loved ones – human or animal. She married her high school sweetheart Nephi Mancini in 1963. Although the marriage did not last, it began her travels. In 1968 she met and married the “love of her life” George Meadows. From that point on, the Meadows became her true family and her steadfast supporters. They were welcoming and caring through life’s ups and downs. Her stepdaughter, Dania, joined the family at the age of six and many years later became a major comfort and support through the death of Marcia’s beloved daughter, Beth. Marky divorced George but never stopped caring for him. Through his sister, Kitty Dvorscak (with whom she shared many travels and adventures), she learned that he was ill. She immediately left her job to resume her life with George and was with him in his final years. They had always enjoyed traveling together and shared happy memories of traveling in a large motor home, including the adventure of washing clothes in a creek and discovering new places. She believed in gaining strength and healing from sadness and was always able to turn “lemons into lemonade.” Many of her relationships grew out of shared troubles. George’s ex-wife Sue became a friend, sometimes calling her for advice and help; Sue made a point of thanking Marcia for her care and parenting of Dania. That was a precious and valued communication. Admitting that life was sometimes “bittersweet,” she chose to emphasize the sweet. She was proud that George had a wonderful funeral and of the amazing memorial held to honor daughter Beth, providing some special memories for young Georgeanna (GG). Marcia was enterprising and operated several businesses, including Personal Touch, Kit-Mar Gems, a jewelry design and creation business, and five years as a Clown Service for grand openings and parties. She always loved to make people laugh. Dogs were a source of humor in her life. She claimed that granddaughter GG’s dog “Georgie” was the perfect dog. Her own dog Kenny was a favorite, though she claimed he was kidnapped by her brother-in-law. In Marky’s later years, she enjoyed the companionship of Elsa, small but mighty, and a good roommate in her years at the gated mobile home park, which was filled with bric-a-brac collected as mementos of friends and adventures. She was unashamedly sentimental and always ready to share a joke – politically correct or not. Her children were the biggest pleasure and blessings in her life. They became her best friends. She enjoyed watching the growth of her granddaughter and telling her family stories. These stories of family life – sometimes surprising, funny, and unusual – are part of her legacy. Marcia was ‘adopted’ into the family of Leslie Buchanan (her daughter Beth's life-long friend) in the last year of her life and was deeply grateful for their help and blessed by their love.

Friends & Family

Parents: Virginia Borland Hill; Omar Khayyam Hill; Daughters: Beth Innis Meadows; Dania L. Venable Granddaughter: Georgeanna Meadows Iozzo; Sister: Jane Hill; Nieces and Nephews: Leira Satlof; Valerio Mazzone-Clementi; Silvia Mazzone-Clementi; Teresa, Mark, David & Lisa Dvorscak and innumerable others from the Meadows clan

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