Margaret "Peti" Hurich

June 1941
February 2022


Our Mother was born 2nd in line to 4 sisters, all of which got nicknames from their father that were boy names, our mother used this name to the end and it carries a fun story for us all. Mom loved gardening, daily walks around the neighborhood where she occasionally rescued a stray cat or 2 over the years, these cats always seemed to find her and end up living the good life with her. You could always find her in the evening on the porch reading her book with a glass of iced tea and overseeing her yard she took so much pride in. Mom, your love and support will be truly missed but you raised 3 great kids and we will see you again sometime. Until then enjoy your new adventure and keep the stray cats to a minimum will ya! Love you Mom and Thank You for everything you did for us, and for being you.

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