Margo Schafer

March 1939
December 2023


When Margo entered the room, you knew she was there. She had a way of filling it with either her presence or her laugh. Margo had a laugh that came from her toes. It was infectious. Margo was an intelligent woman. She had a natural curiosity and never stopped learning. She had a highly creative imagination, often taking her audience with her on trips to Europe or places in the past. She was an avid reader, who after losing most of her sight, relied on Audible books online. Margo was a strong woman, a fighter, and resilient. If she believed in a person, issue, or stance, she would stand up for what she believed in. Margo loved music. All types of music. She played piano when she was a child, playing once at the Chicago Symphony when she was five. She enjoyed talking about music and teaching people. She was a volunteer instructor at the “Arizona Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired.” From Sherry: My mother was a complex person, smart, generous, opinionated, supportive, and assertive. She taught all her children to think outside of the box. To do a good job…to take their work seriously going above and beyond what is required of them. My mother wanted to leave a legacy. I believe she did. Legacies are a measure of personal values, accomplishments, and actions that resonate with the people around you. The people my mother helped by sharing her passions, knowledge or material items is just the start. She has three surviving children who still have strong core values, ethics, and faith with the same passion. Her children will continue to influence those lives around them by being who they have come to be. Their children will do the same. That is a legacy to be proud of. For the people who knew her hold on to the good memories. Love you mom.

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