Marie Velishek

January 1936
April 2022


Marie was born in 1936. She had five sisters and one brother. She lost both her parents in 1950 when she was 14 years old. The next few years were very difficult. Marie was very resilient and loved to enjoy life. She always pushed forward and made the best of things. Marie had one daughter, four grandkids, and seven great grandchildren. She always loved to tell jokes and give gifts to her family and friends. She was a huge sports fan and her all time favorite was the Denver Broncos, she was even featured as a super fan in the Denver Post in 1987. Marie was an artist and always kept art in her life and was a natural. She loved her family and friends. She will be missed very much.

Friends & Family

Sandy Kriegel (Daughter) ,Christopher Kriegel (Son-in-Law), Amber Ford (Granddaughter), Brittney Morejon (Granddaughter), Desi Morejon (Grandson In-Law), Christopher Kriegel Jr. (Grandson), Katie Kriegel (Granddaughter In-Law), Michael Kriegel (Grandson), Emma Folkerts (Girlfriend), Davonte (Great Grandchild), Zachary (Great Grandchild), Daejnaye (Great Grandchild), Cassandra (Great Grandchild), Donovan (Great Grandchild), Joshua (Great Grandchild), D'Amire (Great Grandchild)

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