Marlene Couchon

September 1939
September 2022


Marlene was a beautiful soul inside and out. She had a great smile that lit up a room. Always made people laugh - she was a little sassy too. She raised two kids by owning and running a consignment shop - mom was Green [environmentally conscious] before being Green was even a thing. Marlene loved animals, we had a farm growing up (no one was eaten, they were all pets; excluding chicken eggs). She was also great with plants, both indoors and outdoors. She did not smoke but would enjoy a margarita every once in a while. She was a huge inspiration to us kids to live ethically and responsibly, she helped us be independent and taught us to stand up for what we believed in. She had a good moral compass. She encouraged us to laugh and cry; to be confident, and most importantly to be ourselves. Mom truly lived with integrity.

Friends & Family

Jerry Couchon (son), Tabatha Couchon (granddaughter), Logan Couchon (grandson), Amanda Couchon Meader (daughter)

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