Mary Miller

August 1937
June 2022


My mother was a kind loving women. She would do anything for her children and grandchildren. She worked until she was 72 years old. She was a wonderful mom and grandma. She learned how to fly a plane, I will never forget when we were all going to visit family in West Virginia, and she had to switch over to other engines, but it didn't switch over, so we were all scared cause we were floating in the air. Not my mom she was calm and cool. She was very stubborn in her ways. She was a great accountant. I will miss my mom dearly.

Friends & Family

1st husband was Paul Jackson Williams , 2nd husband was Doug Miller, She had 3 children, Janette, Joyce and Paul. She also has 6 grandchildren, Patrick, Phillip, Jeremiah, Kristina, Joseph, and Nicole.

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