Mary Stout

September 1939
April 2023


On April 21, 2023, Mary Elizabeth Stout (Mary E,) after a struggle with illness over several months, passed away peacefully in her sleep. She was 83 years of age. She is predeceased by parents Herschel and Hope (Hayden) Rusie. She is survived by her daughter, Kelli Hansel; sisters Nila Turley & Rhonda Ellis; grandchildren Joshua Hancock, Nicholas Pryor, and Clinton Thacker; and extended family. Mary E was born September 10, 1939, in Mooresville, Indiana, where she was raised until moving to Greenwood, Indiana, where she graduated from high school in 1957. Soon thereafter, she began a decades-long career with Mayflower Transit Company, of Indianapolis. Later in life, Mary E was employed by Doctor and Mrs. William Kendrick, of Mooresville. Although a true Midwestern gal, Mary E loved the western United States and in 2015, with her parrot Pluto, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona. She enjoyed life there, attending many festivals and theatrical performances, until the onset of her illness. Mary E had many passions, including travel. She loved going on ocean cruises, which she experienced with her sisters and daughter. She also enjoyed going to Las Vegas. Mary Elizabeth closely followed NASCAR, basketball & football sporting events, cheering on her favorite car drivers, the Pacers, (later the Suns), and the Colts. She, also, appreciated the simple things in life such as a good movie, an interesting mystery novel, and a strawberry shortcake. However, family ties were first in her life, everything else was second. Mary E had the biggest heart and a wonderful spirit. She was a private and quiet person, but witty and fun. She was sensitive and incredibly compassionate. A caring woman, she spent most of her life thinking about others. All are deeply saddened by the loss of Mary Elizabeth. She will be greatly missed by family and friends.

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