Maryann Swarthout

June 1932
June 2022


Maryann Swarthout, born June 19, 1932; passed away Sunday, June 19, 2022 at the family home in Montgomery, Texas. She got the greatest gift for her birthday, to be reunited with her mother, father and two brothers that preceded her. Born to Delbert and Ruth Swarthout, she was the oldest sibling with two little brothers Lanny and Darrell. Maryann made it her mission in life to follow Jesus' word and to try to get others to live their life walking with Jesus as well. Maryann stayed true to her religion; choosing to be a servant in her occupation being a nurse to many in her lifetime. She was such a sweet lady but lived her life as someone who didn't mind letting you know exactly how she felt about any topic!

Friends & Family

She will be so very missed by her sister-in-law Linda Lee Swarthout, nieces and nephews- Kathleen; Katrina and spouse David Toddy; Tammy and spouse Jon Coppler; Teresa Padgett; Penny Swarthout; Deanna Lacy; Melissa Doyle; Sandra and spouse Stephen Newton; Ronny and spouse Tina Spivey, Crystal and spouse Johnny Mills; Michael Swarthout; Stephanie Swarthout along with twenty-four great nephews and nieces and forty great great nephews and nieces. Nieces Carolee Coar and Dorothy Scroggins, nephew in law Frank "Bull" Doyle and great niece Tiffany Toddy precede her death. She also leaves behind her lifetime best friend, Janet Howard.

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