Maryanne Uglow

April 1951
November 2021


Maryanne was a caring, giving, friendly, generous, and strong woman. She cared about peace, medical advances, and the future of our children. She was very smart. She was the best mother and grandmother anyone could ever wish for. She taught her children to be good people. She valued her family. She had a great life. I hope that she helps many others in the future. The first person her children ever loved. The first person we met in this world who loved us more than herself. The only person who gave up her own freedom of her own life for us. The one who taught us many valuable lessons that are forever engraved our my souls. The one who taught us love, kindness, respect for ourselves, trust, and peace. The one who never left our side. The one who was strong in her diseased "shell." More strength than anyone can encounter. The pain you went through I can never imagine or conceive. I know you are free now. I pray you never feel any sadness, regret, pain, or suffering now. I pray you will always live through us and keep us in your arms. We miss you so much. We love you with all of our hearts and souls. Please keep our family strong God. Help us all heal.

Friends & Family

Survived by: Children: Anamaria Niotis, Adrienne Niotis, Jonathan Niotis. Grandchildren: Stavros Piliaris, Julian Haywood, Michael VanderWyden, Dominic VanderWyden, Nadia Malik, Riley Niotis, Madison Niotis, KenleyAnn Niotis, and Skylar Niotis.

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