Masako Kurosawa

August 1929
May 2023


My mother was a very proud Japanese woman who had a heart that would embrace many things. She was a wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and an aunt. She truly loved her family. She adored my husband and never called him her son-in-law. He was her son and believe me she would immediately correct you if you said son-in-law. She lived and survived living in Japan during WWII. She lost several siblings during that period of her life. She met my father while he was stationed there during the Korean War period and they fell in love and got married. She came to the US when he was transferred to the Presidio Army Base in San Francisco, CA. My sister Leigh was from a previous marriage and I was born in 1957 . Unfortunately their marriage ended in the 1970’s. Then she met the true love of her life soon afterwards. She married her husband Shenpei Kurosawa and they were married for almost 50 years until his sudden untimely passing. She was always giving of herself, especially in her later years, and loved living at the Jewish Home in San Francisco. The employees there were like family to her. So upon her passing the donation of her body was the final step of the giving person she was and to help in whatever way she could. I truly miss her and am so very proud of her. Until we met again, Mom. I love you!!

Friends & Family

Cathy DuVall- daughter, James DuVall - Son (my husband), The late Leigh Bowers - daughter Lisa Gilding (Nic) - Granddaughter Katherine DuVall - Granddaughter Hailey Gilding- Great-Granddaughter Aaron Gilding- Great-Grandson Many nieces, nephews and adopted grandchildren.

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