Michael MacDonald

August 1953
March 2023


Michael was a hard-headed strong man to the very end. He did things the way he wanted and never let anything bother him. He was a very proud, involved grandfather to his two granddaughters that loved him beyond words. He loved coaching his daughter's softball teams growing up and was known as “coach mike”. He taught his two daughters to surf growing up and to be stronger than most girls. The memories he left will be ever-lasting and never fade from our memories. We will forever keep him in our minds and the things we do every day.

Friends & Family

Daughter: Natalia MacDonald; Daughter: Nicole Golob; Granddaughter: Layla Hall; Granddaughter: Roxanna Hall; Mother of his children: Roxanne MacDonald; Brother: Robert MacDonald; Brother: Guy MacDonald; Sister in law: Nancy MacDonald; Mother in law: Annice Rice; Best friends: Bindy and Fabian

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