Michael Steven Essepian

December 1955
March 2024


Steve, as his family called him, lived in Hanford all his life, except for the year he spent in Shriner's Hospital in San Francisco for a broken arm. He broke his left arm when he fell out of a tree when he was 7. He had several operations on his arm, and was left with a smaller arm, and the wrist was fused. Steve never thought of himself as disabled. He was able to do everything, even better at tasks than some people. Steve went to all the local schools, then Fresno State, where he majored in Chemistry. He married Laurie on May 5, 1979, Together they had 2 children, Travis and Betsy. Both children married, and Steve had 2 grandchildren before he passed. He had one sister. His parents and younger brother predeceased him. Steve worked in a plumbing, electrical, and hardware store. Customers would bring all kinds of problems to him, and he would solve their issues, and find the right parts for him. After he retired he continued to help people with their issues and became a handyman. People were so amazed at all the things he could fix. Steve belonged to a church and was an Elder there. He was on the Building and Grounds Committee, of course, and volunteered a lot of his time fixing things for the church. People loved and respected Steve. He showed his love by helping them, whether it was a plumbing, electrical, or hardware problem, or a personal problem. He loved his family, pets, and yard and he kept it beautiful. We all miss him. His death was caused by such a rare condition. Apparently, he had a non-traumatic subdural hemorrhage. He only had symptoms for 3 weeks before surgery, then rapid cognitive decline then sent home on Hospice Care. He passed 2 days later at home. It was a shock to all who knew him. Only 68 years old.

Friends & Family

Betsy, daughter; Husband, Neil; Travis, son; wife Nicole; Laurie, Steve's wife; Rhonda, Steve's sister

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