Michaelynn Carmody

July 1954
October 2023


Michaelynn Marie Carmody passed away on October 14, 2023, at the age of 69 surrounded by family. She bravely fought Alzheimer’s since 2012. She was predeceased by her father Francis Bowen and her mother Catherine (Kelley) Bowen. She is survived by her husband James of 49 years, her sisters—Colleen Nestor (Jimmy), Maureen McNamara (Mike), and Kathleen Herring (Mike), multiple sisters- and brothers-in-law, and multiple nephews and nieces. Michaelynn met her husband while she was a receptionist at the swim club during the summer of 1971 and they married in June 1974. Michaelynn began her professional career first as a lab technician, and then moved into nursing. She received her BS in Nursing from The University of South Florida in 2006. In conjunction with her day job as a nurse, she was also a Care Flight nurse—transporting medical patients all over the world. She kept track of her many journeys on a map of the world, including such far-flung places as Iceland, Egypt and Patagonia. She also taught at nursing conferences all over the country. Michaelynn’s final professional work was as a Risk Manager at BayCare Health System. Michaelynn loved to read, listen to music, research and plan trips, and travel the world. She was always there to support our family in our greatest times of need. Her most noble act was the donation of her body to science. It is our profound hope that science and humanity may truly benefit in her honor.

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