Michelle Barber

October 1935
August 2023


My Mom, Michelle Barber, was my best friend. She was so many wonderful things all in one. She was loving, compassionate, giving, thoughtful, beautiful, intelligent, interesting, fun, and had a great sense of humor. She had a passion for cooking & especially baking. She was amazing at both. She made so many delicious meals & goodies, in fact, everyone kept telling her she should open a restaurant or bakery. At age 87 she still made her own homemade bread, pies, jams, etc. She was very artistic, fashionable, and had a great sense of design. She had a very adventurous spirit. She loved travel, music, & movies. She loved learning and would always say "The more I know the more I know I don't know" She loved & welcomed change. She was fearless. She was a very strong and independent woman. Michelle was a wonderful Daughter, Sister, Friend, Aunt, Mom, Granny (Grandma), and Great Grandma. She has five children, twelve grandchildren, fifteen great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild. I feel honored and privileged to have been her daughter. She loved me unconditionally, accepted me for who I am and she always encouraged me to be better. She was the best mom and friend I could ever have. She was loved by many and is greatly missed!

Friends & Family

Tony Barber, Chris Barber, Cory Barber, Gina Barber, Mychal Barber, Rose Barber, John Barber, Brandi Barber, Anthony Barber, Michael Barber, Chelsea Cluff Newlin, Ziggy Newlin, Laci Miller, Cory Miller, Britta Miller, Rylee Miller, Brynlee Miller, Kason Miller, Tara Cluff, Josh Cluff, Wilder Cluff, Marley Cluff, Lena Cox Puro, Steve Puro, Shemara Cox, Sharon Spear, Kati Mckinley, Chris Mckinley, Chacha Lopez, Robert Dolan, Michelle Jack, Giovanna Spata Estocin, Suzie Estocin, Bonnie Lagraso, Theresa Barber Graves, Rosemary Barber, Bill Graves.

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