Michelle Elizalde

July 1964
January 2022


Michelle was a very amazing woman she had a very caring heart Michelle was always helping others- she loved to write poetry and she loved to cook. Michelle had a spunky personality with a firecracker sense of humor- she was the heart of the family - Michelle will be greatly missed and loved forever. The love of my life. My soul mate ..my lover ..my best friend. Most of all my wife for 30 yrs of the best time of my life...and being together for 40 plus yrs... She is the mother of 4 kids 1 daughter. With 5 grandkids .. 1 son with 4 kids and the other son with 1 and another on the way ...she was. A grandma and a great-grandma. ... She loved all her kids Unconditional. With all her heart...Michelle ..was given the name mickey or mick. But if anybody called her by Michelle ..she knew someone was mad at her. Michelle had a very close friend her best friend. Every time she would see her or talk to her put on the biggest smile and her attitude would change. And put her in a good mood. And that was a beautiful sight to see. And that was her daughter Marisol her one and only daughter. The good times they had when they got together the laughing would not stop until one of them went home... Then you have the youngest son . that made her heart melt just to see him in her eyes he could not do wrong that is bobby. her would make her laugh so hard she would have to go to the bathroom ..but when he would leave it would just break her heart and she worried about him so much ..and now her oldest. All Michelle wanted was the truth to be free but the truth never came out. It was kept a secret for many years as of now it still carries on somewhat she tried her best to sit down and set it free but there was no listing to her whatsoever with her oldest son James .she loved him unconditionally she just wanted the truth ... But she left us all with the best memories ever. Our lives weren't the greatest but we stuck by each other like no other. We were both dedicated to our marriage and I thank her for being in my life. if there is anything I could change about us. I would change. I wish I could have met her a lot earlier in life so I could be with her a lot more. She will be missed by her family and friends. we all love you and thank you for the most beautiful memories we shared and for being in, Apart from our lives. Thank you R.I.P. It’s not goodbye. we'll see you later, Your family

Friends & Family

Michelle has left behind her husband Timothy of 33+years, Daughter - Marisol Lopez, Son - James Dennis, Son - Jacob Gallegos, Son - Bobby Elizalde, 11 Grandkids and 1 Great-grandchild, Followed by numerous nieces and nephews

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