Michiel Hubbard

October 1960
December 2023


Michiel Hubbard was born in Springfield, Oregon. He has three siblings. On Oct 28, 1983, he married a young lady, Cindy. I thought he was just puppy love till he asked me again, and I told him he had to ask my dad. My dad told him she was our problem now. We moved away from Oregon in 2001. We have been in Kingman, AZ for the last 22 years. Mike was a very hard worker. He worked for a truss company and Goodyear. Then Kingman Furniture for 10 years. So, in December of last year, he retired. Michiel was always funny, and kind. He always helped anyone who needed help. Mike was my soul mate, my friend, and my teddy bear. I am going to miss him and so are my two kids.

Friends & Family

He had many friends one was his boss Dave and Terry they owned Kingman Furniture till Dave's son Adam took over. His family included his son Charles and his daughter Cheri. He has three grandchildren and they Jayson, Jackson, and Abby. His brother is Allen and his sister is Delina. He has two dogs which are part of this family: Shebear and Ruby.

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