Mike Harrison

July 1942
May 2024


Mike was an only child, born in Denton, Texas. His mother sold real estate and passed at 93 years old. His father was in Law Enforcement. He served as Chief of Police for Denton, Texas and a Texas Ranger before he passed at 52 years old. Mike was a US Marine Infantryman after he graduated high school. He spent his career as an Electrician working for Union Carbide and Exxon, later in his career he was a high voltage superintendent for Burns and McDonald. He had many hobbies, his favorite was aviation. He owned a couple of private planes which he used for traveling and chartering to make extra money. He also loved to fish, hunt, play golf, ride motorcycles, RVing, boating, and spend time with family. His wishes for his ashes were to spread over the Gulf of Mexico where he loved to spend time on the boat fishing with friends and family.

Friends & Family

Survived by two children: Lance Harrison, 56 years old; Lisa Harrison, 59 years old; Grandchild: Lane Harrison, 24 years old; Spouse: Gwen Harrison, 81 years old, married for 60 years.

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