Nadia Romero

January 1978
September 2023


Nadia has two wonderful daughters Nina and Lucy. She was my world. Just the most innocent soul you'd ever meet. We went everywhere together ever since the beginning. And if we weren't physically next to each other we always kept in contact via phone or letters. She was interested in the paranormal and didn't care too much for history. She was fluent in both English and Spanish. Very loving, caring, nurturing, thoughtful, appreciative, sincere, honest, and intuitive, and she was a very good Christian. Nadia had the most beautiful soul. Not everyone knew the love radiating from this angel of mine, but those who did were blessed. Our love for each other is rare. I will never love anyone like that again in this lifetime. I still haven't been able to process this event of her transition, but not everything happens for a reason.

Friends & Family

Nina Corona, Lucy Ambuul, Chris Ambuul, Michelle Ambuul, Thomas Brundige

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