Nannette Jodar

May 1951
July 2022


Nannette M. Jodar of Wisconsin and Mesa, AZ passed away July 24th, 2022 at age 71, in her daughter’s home in AZ where she helped find and remodel with her and where she wanted to be at the end of her life. Nannette battled cancer twice, the last battle was a long fight over a few years with other health issues, which ultimately resulted in her being hospitalized at Christmas and spending her remaining months bedridden. The Lord finally took her out of her pain this time to be with her 2 dogs (as her last was put down a month before her passing), mother Virgina R Gebhart, father Warren B. Jodar, brother, and past husbands. Nannette is survived by her 2 beautiful, strong children who she was told she would never be able to have. Nannette was a strong independent fighter. She owned floral shops and tried many different avenues to try to support herself and her children. She is the author of the book “Being Held by God,” describing how she overcame stage 4 breast cancer with supplements and prayer. She was also the owner and editor of the “Chilton Journal,” a newspaper in Chilton, WI. Nannette loved gardening, watching movies (oh the DVDs she left behind, oh my!), decorating for Christmas, and making her mother’s Christmas cutout cookie recipe, which she revamped to make her own. She was very handy proven by the studio shed she built in her backyard made out of pallets. She loved road trips and made several trips back and forth from CA/AZ to WI even as early as the 1970's when she first went out to CA. She will definitely be missed, leaving us at such a young age, she had a lot to accomplish still, but she did have a long life full of hardships and accomplishments.

Friends & Family

Christina Kaufmann daughter, Graham Bowes son, Tim Jodar brother, Michelle Genske sister, Bailee Jodar niece, Kassandra Jodar niece, Samantha Condon niece, Jess Genske niece. Mike Viscuso, Mike Viscuso Jr., Marie Viscuso, Michelle Viscuso, Anele, Slyvia, and many many more.

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