Nicholas Hallock

November 1992
October 2023


In Honor of my son Nicholas Hallock, he is able to help others. Nicholas was diagnosed with Koolen DeVries syndrome at age 19. He had complex medical issues even specialists couldn’t provide us with any answers. Nicholas loved life and all the adventures he encountered. I was a fortunate Mother to have been given the extra time I received from donating my liver to him. He made an impact in his life on many people. Even after his death, he continues on with his legacy. Knowing my son Nicholas will help in research and the Koolen DeVries family makes it possible for me to live on with a purpose. He loved surfing, basketball, horseback riding, and most of The Dallas Cowboys. I’m glad I was able to see the gift he was. A gift like no other. Mother could receive. Always in my heart.

Friends & Family

Mike Keith was like a Father to Nicholas. Mikey was loved by him.

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