Nina Estelle

April 1967
May 2022


We, as soul, make an agreement with God or whatever you wish to call it, the Creator of soul being nameless, to come into this earth plane of existence for our continuing development, and it is a very great gift to be graced with a human body. We choose our parents and basic life experiences to further our soul’s advancement. That being said, a sweet and loving soul graced our family being born into the body we named Nina Estelle Tuck on April 14, 1967, our third child and first girl. Our responsibility for a time and a season, to nurture and help her to become a capable and compassionate adult, and when she married her first husband at age 18 we thought we’d done a decent job, as she began her married life with education, intelligence, a belief in God and a kind and caring person. She knew we loved and cherished her and would throughout her life. It’s a good thing we don’t know what the future holds, or we would have a very hard time dealing with it. Sadly, the situation she found herself in in that marriage was horrific and for years our entire family had no idea as to whether she was alive or dead. Eventually she escaped that marriage when her husband went to prison and returned to her family, met, and married Scott Crowder and lived happily in Utah for some good years in which she was able to be the happy person she had started out to be. She regained her sense of identity and enjoyed holding a prestigious job with a large law firm, had many adventures on ATVs and sailboats and exploring wild places with Scott and friends. She was an intelligent, competent, and happy person. Situations don’t last however, and where there are ups there are downs and the marriage ended. Back in Arizona with her family, Nina regrouped and bravely went forward with her life despite having pain issues as her shoulders, neck and back caused her more and more pain. During this time, she met and married Larry Ramirez and rediscovered some happiness with a person who was a lot like her in that they both looked for the happiness and good in any person or situation. Then she came home one day and found Larry dead in 2018. It was all downhill after that. As her pain worsened, and the doctors cut her off from pain meds and gave her Narcan instead, she turned to street drugs. She couldn’t hold down a job due to the pain, but she did try to make things to sell showing us that she hadn’t given up on herself. She continued to try and overcome her difficulties and most people she interacted with never knew she had any problems. We did though and tried the best we could to help her seek help and avoid the street drugs, warning her they were deadly. She couldn’t accept the warnings. It’s a very difficult end to her story. One street pill was all it took. Completely surprised her. She was in the middle of eating when she died. Nina’s life journey was extreme and mostly sad. Her choices weren’t always for her growth either as soul or human. I truly hope she learned from her lifetime and that it somehow benefits her choices in her future. She’s in God’s rehab now and I’m confident that her soul self is learning and thriving in His loving care.

Friends & Family

Christina Clifford, Dan Tuck, Levi Tuck and numerous nieces and nephews

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