Ozzie Hall

December 1967
March 2023


Ozzie was among many other things: a mother, a grandmother, a true friend, a devoted sister, and a loving wife. But her most admirable trait or role was as a caregiver. She was someone who gave up everything to help. She gave up a career and her life to see that both of her parents got the care they needed whether it was appreciated occasionally or forgotten in disdain. This woman halted her ambitions, pride, and life to care for parents who couldn't hold a candle to her in their best moments. This is what a caregiver does. Ozzie had strength so profound it cannot be seen without first understanding the sacrifice it takes. In her last days, Ozzie couldn’t speak many words, but she could say “I love you”, and she used every opportunity she could to muster the strength to say those words. She wanted her family and friends to know before she left this world that she loved them.

Friends & Family

Husband: Bill Hall; Children: Kathy, Liz, Amy, Billy; Grandchildren: Valerie, Jason, Elizabeth, Matthew, Eloy, Brandon, Jeannie, Destiny, Elias; Great Grandchildren: Emrie and Iris

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