Pamela Ann Cooney

October 1952
March 2024


Pamela Ann Corey Cooney, 71, of Luray, Virginia passed away on March 11, 2024, after a 2-month-long battle with heart failure. She was too young to go. She had plans, things she still wanted to accomplish, and grandchildren to spoil. Just goes to show that we can't control it all. And timing is out of our hands. Breathe that today and every day, as you love and appreciate your loved ones. Pamela was a force. She was spirited, pertinacious, and magnetic. She had a strong sense for seeking Truth throughout her life, and an unwavering determination to fight for it. Much like a free spirit, she didn’t care much about what others thought of her, and she was fierce, yet playful. She was an incredible cook and had an investigative spirit. Pam was an animal lover. She loved her Arabian horses “Misty” and “Fancy”, pet raccoon “Jeffrey”, collie mix “Bandit”, and schnauzers “Lady”, “Pandora”, “Beauty” and others. She devoted much of her life to breeding and showing her champion line of standard schnauzers under the lineage Bardhills. She and her dogs were very accomplished in their right, and Pamela’s memory lives on in the many families she enriched by the beautiful pups she found wonderful homes for.

Friends & Family

Pamela is survived by her husband Daniel Cooney, and children Lawrence, twins Theresa and Christina, youngest son Edward, her big sister Joan, her four brilliant and beautiful grandchildren Aiden, Kaitlyn, Reese, and Rae, and her legacy line of Bardhills Standard Schnauzers.

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