Pat Merrill

January 1957
December 2021


Pat was my soulmate and my husband for 44 years. He was a great father to 3 children and 8 grandkids. Ha was a great fisherman and hunter. He had a heart the size of Texas!! He would do anything to help anybody without judgment. He was the neighborhood dad to all the kids.. That’s why he wanted to be a donor. He wanted whatever they could use of his body for whatever they needed. He was loved by all and will be missed by all!!

Friends & Family

Daughter: Shanna - Mike Heffron / 2sons Braydon. Bentley, son Cody-Courtney Merrill / 3 daughters: Akevah, Bechira, Cayeah Son Patrick-Shaylee 1, daughter Jainah 2 sons Jaxon, Jetsen, Uncle Woody & Aunt Janet

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