Patricia Moss

May 1951
January 2022


Patti was known for being a hard worker. From administration and management in various fields, to manicuring, to roofing, designing and building her home, painting, crafting unique décor and gifts, caring for water lilies and shubunkins, baking creative birthday cakes and holiday treats, to brainstorming her next project – she stayed busy. She loved sharing the joy and fruit of her labors with family and friends. And it’s no surprise that she donated her body to Science Care to make sure she would work for the good of others as long as possible. Every season of her life came with unique stories of the many steps she took through each, trademarked by her wit and humor that inspired others to press forward and get the job done. She showed exceptional talent and care in everything she put her heart and hands to. Patti was a beloved mother, grandmother, great grandmother and friend to many people and will forever be loved by them.

Friends & Family

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