Patrick O’Keeffe

January 1944
December 2021


He loved his Irish heritage. Very proud to have been a United States Marine. He was known for his willingness to help others He was a member of the Knights of Columbus. He worked as a truck driver and considered careful driving as one of his assets. He worked in sales at Menards, Ace hardware. His customers were always complimentary of the friendliness he showed. He had the “Irish gift of gab”.Family was of utmost importance. He considered his wife a saint and his children and grandchildren “his angels.”

Friends & Family

Linda O’Keeffe spouse of 52 year, Kirk O’Keeffe son, Mary O’Keeffe daughter, Harrison O’Keeffe grandson, Elise O’Keeffe granddaughter, Ethan O’Keeffe grandson, Christopher Saliani grandson, Cassandra Saliani granddaughter

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