Penny Nichols

March 1958
November 2021


My mom was the best woman ever. She loved me, animals and humans with all her heart. Her life was beautiful and her story is too. Her and I shared every moment together that we were able to. She enjoyed flowers, gardening, and could whip up anything in just a snap of a finger. She was extremely savvy when it came to paperwork and just getting stuff done . She was born in San Diego. She was blessed with a very good father and a very good family. I am her only daughter. Her miracle baby. I learned a lot from her and I carry her in my heart every moment of every day. I laied on her chest when it was time for her heart to stop. I herd it go very fast then slowly stop. Thump, thump, thumb. Then bump, bump, bump, til she was finally was able to be at rest. She let out one last breath. She gave me life. I did not want her to be alone. I learned a lot of crafts and how to be a women. I learned how to be good to people and I learn how to take time for myself. She taught me to listen to my intuition and to go with my gut feeling. Her and I were the best friends, not just mom and daughter. She left behind a legacy of kindness compassion and dignity. I learned a lot with her at the end of her life and this will helps me to move forward with the beginning of mine. Penny Nichols is beautiful and will remain in the thoughts of people she met in her life. She will always be a smart and happy women. I live her very much and am going to miss her more than I can fathom.

Friends & Family

Angle, K

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