Ralph Ericson

March 1930
February 2024


Ralph Ericson was born in Hartford, Connecticut. He was an only child. He told me his father said, " Why should we have anymore when we got the best with you!" He met his wife Ellie at a hospital. Ralph jokingly said, "I was pretty sick and Ellie just had a bad cold." They married in 1951. Ralph worked at a liquor distributor company called Heublein for 25 years as a traffic coordinator. The family lived in Hartford till the early1960s until they moved to Granby, a small town with a nice brook in the backyard. We all enjoyed swimming in that brook. In 1980 Ellie, Ralph, Jim, and John moved to Florida. Ralph and Ellie joined the family in running a convenience store. It was quite a different type of work for Ralph, but all the customers loved him. Ralph liked playing golf and swimming in the pool. He loved getting together with family and friends for meals and drinks. He and Ellie enjoyed acting like George Burns and Gracie Allen. Ellie died five years before Ralph and he missed her and spoke of her every day. He was content, enjoyed life, and was a joy to us until he passed peacefully at home. Ralph was a really loving and wonderful husband and father and he is missed very much!

Friends & Family

Ralph's family: wife Ellie Ericson passed away in 2018, sons Ed Ericson and his wife Chris, Jim Ericson and his wife Ruth, John Ericson passed away in 2008, and daughter Susan Ericson. Grandchildren Joe Ericson Angela Clark, Casey Ericson, Mickey Ericson, Katie Ericson, and Emily Ericson.

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