Ralph Hauser

April 1934
April 2024


What we would like you to know about Ralph Hauser: The Early Years - He was born March 31 in Peoria, AZ, on the farm. He was almost an April Fool! At age 3, he began to play piano. Later, he became organist and pianist for Peoria Church of the Nazarene. His school years, age 6-18, he was in his high school marching band and concert band, playing trumpet. He was a member of the National Honor Society. He was a Sports reporter for the Arizona Republic newspaper. As an Adult - He enrolled in Pasadena College as a music major, emphasis on Organ, at 19 At 20, he married Gerry and began working for JC Penney Co. in Display and Advertising. For 50 years, he was a church organist and choir director for several churches, including East Oakland Church of the Nazarene, and Castro Valley Church of the Nazarene; at various times, he played for several other congregations: Hispanic, Korean, and Chinese. He was dad to 3 daughters, in 1955 (Jacque), 1958 (Cindy), and 1964 (Glenna). He and his mom bought their home in San Leandro in 1963 and helped to build the Castro Valley Church of the Nazarene. Starting in 1975, he became a foster parent to a total of 34 children over the next 44 years. In 1979, he started a new job at Rhodes-Liberty House, refinishing furniture. He continued as Music Director for Castro Valley Church of the Nazarene. His Later Years - In 1990, he became self-employed, doing a variety of jobs until his retirement. He continued to play piano for a Chinese congregation until 2 months before his passing. Who He Was - Our dad was quiet, creative, funny, wise, and very supportive of us. He loved being out in nature, whether camping near a lake, hiking in Muir Woods, bike riding, or walking around the nearby park. He loved “pretty cars” – classic cars; he taught me how to distinguish between 1965 and 1972 Ford Mustangs. I described a new vehicle I’d been seeing on the road recently, and he knew it was the new Tesla pickup truck. He loved his music: his fingertips were paintbrushes, and the keyboard was his canvas as he painted the story of each song he played. He always told us stories, sometimes from books, but the ones we liked best were the ones he made up on the spot. He loved his wife deeply. He loved us kids and related to each of us in unique ways. And he loved God completely and slipped quietly from us in the early morning hours of his final day.

Friends & Family

Gerry Hauser (wife), Jacque Hauser-Cindy McClanahan-Glenna Behr (daughters)

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