Ramon Leming

May 1941
June 2023


Ramon was a good father to his 3 children Ramona, Jenny, and Ramon Jr from his first wife and he has one granddaughter. He has one stepson Clayton Keck and his wife Danelle with their three kids. Ramon was born in Indiana where we meet and got married. He worked for Ford Motor Co for 25 Years. We were married in 1991 we did not have any children together, but we had a very good life together. We got married on horses, had them for a while then got motorcycles and rode from Indiana to Calif and back. We have been to Sturges lots of times. We retired and moved to Beaver Dam Arizona in 2001. We lived in Oklahoma for two 1/2 years. While we were in Oklahoma, we had two bars that we run then we moved back to Yuma Arizona. We have taken two cruises. I'm going to miss him very much.

Friends & Family

Stan and Lloyd Smith, Jr and Debra Spears, Pollock, All the people from the VFW in Greenfield, and the people from the Moose Lodge and American Legion in Knightstown Indiana. Ron and Judy, Bob Winger, Dave and Pat, Tim Peterson, Terry and Maria, Pauline, That Man Russ, Tom and Sue, Wanda Butcher, Mike Smith and Darlene, Ralph and Debra, Jack, Jackie and Kimberly, Little Bill, Kim Lawence, Daryl Hafer, All of the Newton's, Denny and Mel Cotterman, Juan and Chela, Gene, Yvonne and Family and everyone else that I missed.

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