Randy Phillips

January 1962
January 2022


Randy was a family man. He loved and enjoyed playing with his children and grandchildren. He loved God, the Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Mariners, playing/watching golf, and President Trump. He shared his passions with his kids. Randy was a biker, and he and his wife Tanya went on multiple cross-country Harley trips. In 2018 Randy was diagnosed with a rare, incurable, super aggressive cancer called Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma. He was given 3-5 months to live. But Randy, who likes to make his own rules, defied the odds, living 3 more years, riding his Harley to Texas, and spending more time with his family. He retired from a career with the Boilermakers as a welder and just enjoyed his life. He loved Jesus and looked forward to going to heaven when the time came. He was generous and gave generously to programs that helped families and children in need. His last giving act was to donate his body to science in hopes of helping someone else live a longer life. He slipped peaceful into eternity with his family beside him. He will be remembered for his humor, his pranks, his ability to irritate you and then make you love him, his giving heart, his love for God, Family, and country, and his passion for riding his Harley. If there are Harleys in heaven, we know what he is doing now!

Friends & Family

Wife Tanya, Children Adam and wife Alisha, Brittany and husband David, Jacob and wife Kelly, Grandchildren Ffiona, David, Porter, Sullivan, Arabella, Xander, Jaxon, Brooklyn, Breana, Hannah, Hunter, Father Loyd, Brother Rodney and Sister Linda, Many relatives from Washington to Texas, friends and coworkers

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