Rashun Williams

February 1975
December 2022


I was 19 years of age when I had my son Rashun, we grew up together. I cherished him because he knew my heart. He lived that hard-knock life with me, learning at an early age to take care of himself. He was never a troubled child, and never gave up on anything or anyone. Rashun knew pain, pleasure, and boredom and suffered through life and taught me to do the same. He knew it was just him and I against the world. Rashun was an enigma, given to me by God. He was quiet, caring, brave and so so patient. Everyone who knew him or met him for the first time, loved him and felt so protected and secure with him around. Rashun was a great listener, non-judgmental and unbiased. He was a big giver! You could always depend on Rashun. My Gentle Giant now has Giant Wings! Love you mean it, I got your $1 💸 xoxo Thank you for everything, MOM❤️

Friends & Family

Robin Williams (mom); Deaurcy Williams (brother)

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