Raymond (Tony) Brackeen

July 1959
June 2024


In Memoriam: Raymond "Tony" Brackeen a beloved soul who touched the lives of many, has left us, leaving our world a little less bright. Tony's journey began in Worcester, MA, a place he always considered home, despite having lived in Florida for over the last 30 years. In 1977, Tony served with honor in the US Navy in Virginia Beach, demonstrating a commitment to his country that mirrored his dedication to those around him. His years in the Navy were marked by hard work and an unwavering willingness to assist anyone in need, traits that he carried throughout his life. Tony was not just a hard worker; he was a man of immense knowledge and curiosity. His love for the television show *Jeopardy!* was well-known, and he had an uncanny ability to know every answer, impressing all who watched with him. To those who knew him, Tony was more than just a friend or a relative; he was a beacon of kindness and generosity. His readiness to lend a hand, his infectious smile, and his warm heart made him a cherished figure in many lives. As we remember Tony, we celebrate a life well-lived, filled with service, knowledge, and an endless capacity for helping others. He will be sorely missed, but his legacy of kindness and the brightness he brought into our lives will endure. Rest in peace, Tony. Your spirit continues to shine in our hearts.

Friends & Family

Melissa Fontaine - Step-daughter; Brenna Fontaine - Granddaughter; Jason Fontaine Jr. - Grandson; Matteo DiPadua - Grandson; Pamela Besaw - Friend

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