Richard 'Dick' Wethe

September 1944
November 2023


Dick unfortunately struggled with Dementia for many years. He led a very full life. He was a very intelligent man. He worked for 3M for over 30 years in the state of Minnesota. However, as anyone knows you live in this area the winters are brutal. He ended up taking an early buyout and off to Florida. He loved it here. When we first moved here he was active with many volunteer activities. He helped with Meals on Wheels, an aid at the hospital, and helped out at a cat shelter. But dementia started seeping in and he gradually had to give up those jobs. He was an avid reader and collector of books. He also loved to walk, which usually included 5-10 miles a day, rain or shine. He attended the Methodist Church and was on a committee for a few years and he had to retire from that because it became too much for him. It is sad to lose him but it was a blessing. His last year was extremely sad for me in that he did not recognize me. It was difficult to watch him deteriorate into a shell of a man. He will be missed but he is now at peace. And as one of my relatives stated he is now flying free of any pain and illness.

Friends & Family

Linda Wethe, Wife; Sally Bentson, Sister; Ken Wethe, Brother; Jerry and Karen Johnson (in-laws); Howard Kittleson (in-law)

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