Richard Snyder

December 1938
March 2019


Richard Anthony Snyder passed away March 12 2019, surrounded by his wife of 40 years, Armelia Snyder and his three sons, Mark Snyder, Steve Snyder, Chris Snyder and daughter, Stephanie Novakowski and son-in-law, James Novakowski. With exceptional care from the staff at UC Health in Aurora, Colorado, he fought a quick but ultimately consuming battle with interstitial lung disease. Of note, he was not a smoker and was an avid exercise enthusiast at his local Gold’s Gym where he typically worked out 5 days a week. He was unabashedly opinionated as an impassioned democrat and critic of the President. He also proudly ruffled feathers installing solar panels on his house while his local HOA was incredibly resistant to “unsightly” solar panels (which no one has since noticed). Born in Indiana, his military career started while attending Morgan Park Military Academy in Chicago, IL. His final assignment was at Rhein-Main AFB in Germany thanks to his future wife graciously accepting his rather unromantic proposal in the dining facility at SAC HQ. Having served proudly in the Air Force for 25 years, he retired to Colorado Springs. Richard was perfectly imperfect in life. He was a realist. He tipped generously and loved Amazon Prime (they just lost a major purchaser). He was a secret purveyor of Irish Spring soap. He also loved a perfect martini - only made with Gin and shaken with two olives unless his wife and daughter were present – in which case 3. He was an avid computer gamer - he loved his 3-D oculus rift playing Guild Wars. Two and a half weeks prior to his death, he was working on his tan and riding camels in Cancun with his wife, daughter and son-in-law. He was also loved dearly by his family and is survived by his wife, children, spouses-in-laws, grandchildren and great grandchildren. In the end, his family has learned he touched more people than he or they realized. He didn’t want a big fuss about his passing - as he said, he was old and everyone has to go. Following his passing, his wife and daughter have been blessed with exceptional quality time with his three sons (from his first marriage) and have been overwhelmed by the support and love from friends and family near and far. Until we meet you again in all our special places across the globe and time.

Friends & Family

Armelia Snyder, Wife, Mark Snyder, Son, Steve Snyder, Son, Chris Snyder, Son, Stephanie Novakowski, Daughter

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