Rick Pergeson

January 1949
January 2024


Uncle Rick was my only surviving relative after a long search finding him was not easy with little or no information at 8 years old and being adopted. After the loss of my child, I decided to take a journey and drive out west and connect with Rick with bits and pieces of the missing puzzle I was able to meet him, and he handed me my legacy! He lived off the grid, a gold miner all his life until the very end as well as his brother's family of miners! I believed in second chances, we developed a relationship in Grants Pass Oregon, visited the mining claims, and communicated 3-4 daily I was his only next of kin now 56 every conversation ended with, I love You Guys! I was his distraction with laughter during his end stage of life! Laughter no tears!

Friends & Family

Predeceased Father: Lloid Richard Pergeson1923-1959 Wagoner Ok/Mother: Ruthell Clubb 1927-1998 Brookings, Brother: Bobby Gene Pergeson 1942-2012 Eagle Point, Or/ Brother: Jerry Thomas Pergeson 1947-2000 calif / Sister: Violet “Ann” Pergeson Niece: Rachel Pergeson 1977-2014 Mo/ SON: Clinton “Jon” Pergeson-Wilson & pup LP, Survived by his niece, Gina &Heinz Schaefer and his family, Friends: Kim, Gary, Kathy & Aaron

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