Rita Finch

January 1958
August 2022


Rita was my wife for 42 1/2 yrs. I loved her dearly. When we first met those long years ago, people told us it wouldn't last for more than 2 years. Guess we proved them wrong sweetheart. Rita was the mother of a single daughter who in turn gave her 2 grandchildren who in turn gave her 2 great grandchildren. She loved them very much. Rita along with her sister were both adopted by a loving couple and the best in-laws one could ask for. Rita is survived by me (her husband), her daughter, and her sister. Rita loved life, and all it offered. She was extremely knowledgeable and a smart cookie. She loved going to the lake and sitting on the shore, she especially loved going to the Garden of the Gods here in Colorado Springs. She was my rock and my soul mate, and I will miss her dearly. It was always her wish to donate her body for the advancement of science and to maybe help others. She died from ovarian cancer so she was hopeful that maybe they will learn from this to help other women avoid having to deal with that. I will join my love someday but until then I want her to know how much I loved her. I must also mention that she loved all the cats we ever had, and that number is too high to remember. Big cat fan she was.

Friends & Family

Lifelong best friend Susie, sister Dean, daughter Vanessa

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