Robert (Bob) Levoy

June 1959
October 2022


My husband Bob passed away with Brain Cancer. He was an all star athlete, he didn't just run the Boston Marathon 6 times but RACED it. Bob was a triathlon participant, a mountain bike racer, bare foot water skier, fabulous tennis player and he LOVED pickleball and played it with much joy. He never smoked, had strong lungs and heart. We wanted to donate his organs but that wasn't possible. We chose to donate his body to science so it could benefit others with brain cancer research. At 63 yrs old, he was too young for this awful disease. I will love him forever and will miss him so very much. His loving wife, Bonnie E. Hall.

Friends & Family

Donna Sanborn - sister; Debbie Levoy - pre-deceased sister; Scott Pelchat - brother; Claire West (LaVertue) - his predeceased Mom; Jennifer Levoy - niece; Josh and Benjamin Sanborn - nephews.

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