Robert Hardison

May 1960
June 2023


Robert Hardison was the love of my life, and my very best friend. We were married 29 years and friends for even longer. We have five sons and one daughter together, and one granddaughter. It was so hard for both of us to let go. But his cancer, Multiple Myeloma, has no favorites. After nearly six years of battling the disease, God relieved him of his pain and suffering and took him to a better place. Robert was a Triple Jump Champion, a track star, a lifeguard, a red sash in Tai Chi Martial Arts, and a football player in highschool and college. He attended Granada Hills Highschool where he played with John Elway. He later wrote and produced many plays in Bakersfield, California, where we met. We were inseparable. During his battle with cancer, Rob generously donated his stem cells and blood to help in the fight against this disease. He hoped dearly that he could save as many people as possible. So it was natural that he would choose whole body donation to Science Care, as he was a very giving and unselfish man. Robert loved all of his children with a love that is timeless, including his two daughters, Christy and Zandrea, from previous marriages, that he could not be with. His strength can be seen in every one of them today. During his last few years he enjoyed the simple life we shared in Needles, California, where he could play his favorite sport of all time, golf. He could never get enough of it. He started a chicken farm for his son Benjamin to tend, who has Autism. He was always there for us, and he was a strong, positive man who loved life and loved to laugh. He touched so many, and I know he lives on in the hearts of those who knew him well. I will always love him, forever and always.

Friends & Family

Our children - Robin Xaiviar, Jacque Keel, Maya Morning Star, Mason Crist, Benjamin Lee, James Carter; His mother - Lois Ann Johnson; His brother - LaFoy Johnson, He had too many friends to list.

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