Robert Panaro

June 1930
December 2022


Dr. Robert John Panaro, M.D. was active in providing medical care to Floridians as an anesthesiologist for over 45 years. He held medical positions as a physician in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Saint Petersburg, Sanford, and Jupiter. Important positions involved critical care specialist and instructor, to include his position as Director of the Intensive Care Unit at Broward General Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, and North Shore Hospital in Miami. He was the key founder of the school of Respiratory Therapy at Broward Junior College. Dr. Panaro received the outstanding Physician Award from the Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association of Broward-Hendry-Glades Counties in 1971. Dr. Panaro’s legacy was evident in his limitless caring for others. His medical associates and staffs will forever remember him. His many patients were in the best of medical hands. He exemplified and taught the importance of education, hard work, practical approach, and close observation. His humor, warmth, compassion, and concern for patients and colleagues made him an ideal role model.

Friends & Family

Dr. Panaro is survived by his wife of 48 years, M. Jattallee Panaro, two children, Miles Panaro and Ingrid Graham, and grandson Christopher Graham.

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