Robert Syphers

December 1946
December 2016


Robert was my husband, my friend, my champion. Robert lived a selfless life, was always positive, was always learning and always loved. He will live on in the gift of his memories and will be forever in the hearts and minds of those who knew and loved him so dearly. In the deepest recesses of our sadness is a bright light of hope that his donation will serve to help others in need. This will be his legacy. In the end…still helping others. We will love him forever and treasure every moment and every memory that he gifted us with. He was my champion.

Friends & Family

My love has not abated nor have my most precious memories. You are always in my thoughts and on my mind. Your last four words were, “ I will remember you”. I will never forget you Robert. When it’s dark, you are there to give me light. Always...Ethan

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