Roberta (Bobbie) Walter

November 1941
May 2023


With much heartfelt sadness, Roberta “Bobbie” Walter went to heaven on May 9th, 2023. Bobbie was born Nov. 1941, in Spokane, WA. She was raised by her grandmother Edith during her early years, later raised by her mother Alyce with an absent father then blessed with her brother, Dan when she was 7. During her elementary days through high school, Bobbie performed in school plays & as a ballerina. In 1959, she graduated from North Central and moved to Arizona where she married & started a family. In Nov. 1960, Bobbie gave birth to her firstborn son, Joel. Bobbie was met with extreme challenges & raised her son alone until her second marriage & gave birth to her second son, Kelly in Nov. 1966. In 1968, Bobbie remarried & gave birth to her daughter, Wendy in Oct. 1968. As a young mother, Bobbie was full of life. She introduced her children to music and how to dance the jitterbug, bump & country swing. In the 70’s, Bobbie took up belly dancing & began performing. Bobbie was elegant & very talented. She enjoyed camping & cooking over the campfire. Another passion was the pure enjoyment of being around or in water. She was in her element when swimming. Outings to one of the local lakes were the highlight. Bobbie was a strong swimmer & even rescued a fishing boat with her young children by putting the rope in her mouth & swimming back to shore. She enjoyed hosting parties from holiday get-togethers to Super Bowl parties. Cooking her heart out & seeing the joy she created through food energized her. Bobbie created memorable experiences through her choice in music, scented candles & aromatic food. Bobbie loved being outdoors, loved her yard, garden & the menagerie of animals. Her unconditional love poured out & there was no denying her care, love & devotion. Later in life, she was a home & critter sitter. She cared for many animals & became the extended family member to them as well as the folks who owned them. They all considered Bobbie's family! Bobbie had a passion for life & inner strength that helped her face diverse challenges throughout her childhood, early adulthood onto later years. Independent, hardworking & going with the flow were at the top of who she was. Bobbie lived in Washington, Arizona, California, New Mexico, North Carolina & Texas. She was giving, beautiful, charismatic, loving, genuine, honest, graceful, independent, and confident, with a touch of wryness & conviction. Even after her death she still wanted to make a difference, Bobbie made a very generous donation to Science Care. Bobbie’s wishes were to have her ashes spread in the ocean by her two surviving children. In Oct. 2023, Kelly & Wendy set out on a memorial road trip spreading Bobbie’s ashes from the Pacific Ocean, island waterways & mountain tops, in the ocean at Lincoln City, Oregon, and in rivers, streams, mountain lakes & water falls. Each thoughtfully picked with a loving tribute wishing Bobbie eternal peace!

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