Ronal Matteson

January 1947
December 2023


Ronald Matteson was an amazing father, award-winning artist, and instructor from Junior High to University level, including the Art Institute. He had numerous students go on to Disney and other organizations. He lived large! Loved his extensive vintage car collection, had his home layered in vintage restored gas pumps, and a vintage dry goods store. He loved the historical Wild West and had a 1929 chuck cover wagon truck and a room in his home dedicated to the Wild West. His art, collections, and cars were webbed into every inch of his life. But his pride and joy was his families.

Friends & Family

He was born to David & Betty (Palmer) Matteson (deceased) followed by his brother David H. Matteson (deceased.) Daughter Heidi (Matteson) Chapp, Son David Matteson, Daughter Ragan Matteson, Son Walker Matteson, and Son Levi Matteson.

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