Ronnie Clifton

February 1966
December 2022


Anyone that would look at Ronnie would think he was some big badass biker guy and yes in some ways he was but there was also a side of him that was very caring and laid-back homebody that would do whatever he could to help a friend out from fixing their car to giving them a place to stay for a while. Even with his health declining and on a lot of medications I came home one night with Jax a 4-month-old baby boy whose parents were on Heroin. We raised him for 3 years providing everything he needed but most of all love. Ronnie was great with Jax and even though the courts gave custody of Jax to his Aunt we (I) still get him whenever we (I) want hell he even paid my girlfriend's electricity & water so she wouldn't lose her kids to CPS. Some have asked why and the answer is always the same kids deserve a chance to have a life and shouldn't have to suffer because their parents are messed up. Those are just a couple of things that show what kind of person Ronnie was, a warm caring, loving person with a big heart.

Friends & Family

Camaro Sim, Donna Levitt, Mark Calkins, Fred Downey to name a few & Joe Clifton his twin brother

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