Roxanna Branson

February 1954
July 2023


Roxanna was born on Valentine's Day and would always insist that her birthday be celebrated separately from Valentine's Day, so two different gifts. She was the oldest of three, one brother and one sister. She was involved in church and was a joy to all who knew her. She loved the acoustic guitar, which I was more than happy to play for her. She was the wife of Jimmy Branson Sr and the proud mother of Jimmy Jr. Roxanna made friends with church members and we even sang a song that she wrote the words for and I put the music in. She loved God and was willing to give help to someone in need. She will be remembered as a loving person who always had a smile on her face. She even had a smile for the hospice care team that took care of her during her last days. She wanted to donate her body to science to help others. Her final wish was that she be allowed to die at home with her family by her side. It was my honor for me to help make that possible. People have told me I was a great husband for caring for her as I did. It comforts me to know that I could give her what she wanted. Roxanna was deeply loved and will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

Friends & Family

Kathy Pershing, Mark Pershing, Virginia, "Ginni", Hargis, Paige Evans. Sue Newton, Lauren Alexander, Joy Nelson, Mitch and Teresa Hamilton, Mark Spence, Shirley Stedeford

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