Royllyn Rigg

February 1942
April 2024


Royllyn was a talented man. He built houses, and pole barns and restored old tractors. His mind never rested even in his sleep. When I woke there was no good morning or a kiss, it's we need to do this, this and this. I was exhausted before getting out of bed. He traveled a lot working for Union Pacific Railroad, but still enjoyed sightseeing (we may find tractors). He was very involved with our 3 daughters 4-H. Royllyn was the 4-H Horse leader. He took the kids on trail rides and spent the night by the river keeping the bonfire going. When the girls were old enough to drive he taught them how to change a tire, check the oil, and watch the gauges. He always had stories to tell before the company would leave. My husband was a very smart and interesting man! Sad we lost a husband and dad who had so much knowledge! "God made very few men like him"! He loved his family! Our hearts are broken and you will never be forgotten! Your Loving Daughters: Shawn Sheen, Dawn Stroh, and Fawn Benson! Your Loving Wife Danna of 62 Years!

Friends & Family

His three best College buddies at the University of Wyoming: Terry Blackert, Ed Thompson and Roland Swanson. His Union Pacific Railroad Boss: Gary Hunter; His Tractor friend's; All of his Family in Illinois and Iowa; Good Friend in Arkansas: Eulin and Patsy Dowing; All our friends we made in our moves with the railroad

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