Ruby May Roberson

November 1926
January 2024


May Roberson was an Arizona native; born in Phoenix in 1926. She lived life to the fullest for 97 years, and her goal was to live to 100. May loved golf, gardening, baking, and walking. She was a tall beautiful blonde with striking blue eyes, and she turned heads her whole life! May loved to watch and play sports, and was a dedicated Sun Devil fan. She was known as Grandma May to her grandchildren and great-grandkids. May and her husband lived in Friendship Village for several years before her passing where she had lots of friends. She will be sorely missed and remembered by many.

Friends & Family

Jacaue Robanser and Susie Rose were her daughters. Rainey and Joe Stricklin, Hillary Jepson, and Britney O'Brien were her grandchildren. Gemma and Sydney Stricklin, Elliot Jepson, and Jackson Bear O'Brien were her great-grandchildren. She is also survived by a favorite nephew, Max McCabe, and her sister Mary Lou Pietch. The staff at Friendship Village Memory Care were dear friends at the end of her life.

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