Russell Cerk

May 1935
November 2022


Russ is reeling in a big fish, enjoying a crackling wood fire with a cigar, and sipping his nightly belt with his long-lost buddies. We hope he is reminiscing about the fraternity weekend where he met Lee and is grateful for his three children and grandchildren; laughing about the relentless mischief, wrestling, and teasing he inflicted on all of them. We know he carries with him fond memories of his parents, sister, and brother. His chosen family of fraternity and childhood buddies and their wives share a lifetime of friendship, travels, and fishing. They will remember Russ telling Lee, “ honey, it’s been a rough day at the drop-off” when she asked where he’d been all day. We know he left us with a sense of accomplishment and pride as an executive running five chemical manufacturing plants. He was able to retire early and enjoy his many hobbies. We take comfort in knowing paradise for Russ will also include cigars, brandy, fishing, skiing, golfing, tennis, dancing, blazing wood fires, playing pool, and endless perch fish fries. Now free from physical limitations, we know he is back pumping iron, running, hiking, and biking wearing his new supply of Speedos. Cheers to Russ and as he would always toast, “here’s how we lost the farm.”

Friends & Family

Leone Bannach Cerk - spouse, Isabelle Langlois Cerk Mann - mother, John Cerk - father, Frank Mann - step-father, Jacquline Johansson - daughter, Bruce Wade - son-in-law, Jennifer Pyle - daughter, Dr. G. Mark Pyle - son-in-law, John Cerk - son, Meg Cerk - daughter-in-law, Madeline Pyle - granddaughter, Griffin Pyle - grandson, Mason Pyle - grandson

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