Russell Mains

May 1941
May 2024


Russell was a loving Husband, Father, Grandfather, and Great-Grandfather. The grandkids all knew him as ‘Grumpy’ though he was the kindest and most patient person anyone knew. He was devoted to his family and country as a veteran of the US Navy. When asked for help he was the first to assist. He liked to make jokes and make his friends and family laugh. As a Taurus he was stubborn as a bull, once he had his mind set you couldn’t change it. He wasn’t a sports guy even though he was nearly identical in appearance to Terry Bradshaw, he joined his high school band to avoid playing football. His favorite music was classical music, he taught all the grandkids about classical music; and introduced them to Star Wars, Abbot and Costello, James Bond, and Indiana Jones. He taught his family ‘anchors away’, Roman numerals, and military time. Russ was the man the whole neighborhood knew he spoke to everyone and was known as the candy man to all the neighborhood kids. Russ donated his body since he knew it would be the last thing he would be able to do to help his fellow countrymen.

Friends & Family

Russ is survived by his wife Linda, his children Lisa and Chris, his grandchildren Cory, Allie, Danielle, and Brea, his great-grandson Landyn, and his in-laws Rori (Chris’ wife) and Kira (Cory’s wife).

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