Ruth Oleneack

July 1953
September 2022


My mom will always be not only mom to me, but my forever best friend. She was such a strong woman who dealt with many things that no one should have to deal with. I will always and forever cherish the many memories we have shared, all of the laughs, and all of the many lessons you have taught me. I talk to you all the time now and definitely feel your constant presence. I am soo grateful for our time together in AZ. Moxie (Momma bears Moxie/Standard poodle) went through a period of depression but is doing somewhat better after I explained to him that you will always be with us. We are helping each other through the rough/emotional times. I am so grateful that Moxie and I got to spend your last 6.5 hours with you. I wish you never got the nasty C word but you fought an amazing fight and beat it 2x this last time just took over. Being diagnosed in May with Acute Myeloid Leukemia coming home from Mayo Clinic and only requiring 1 blood transfusion despite the 2 to 3 a week plan and completing 3 rounds of chemo to fight while remaining soo strong and independent up until the last 2 weeks. Your 3rd round of cancer took you way to soon you were only 69. I cherish every minute I was blessed to have you, I listen to the voice mail you left me and hug your Moxie boy often. I love you so much and am happy that you are no longer in pain. I will see you when the time comes as well as in my dreams. Love you always.

Friends & Family

Daughter Wendy Oleneack, support friend Moxie Son Joe Oleneack, Abrianna Oleneack, Grandson Jackson Oleneack, Grand daughter Vivian Oleneack

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